Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Has Begun.....

WOW 2010 sure did come and go so fast.

I am so excited for this year, we have a lot of fun celebrating to do. Cris will graduate, Rileah will be in kindergarten Jordan will be a 7th grader, Vicki will be 20 years old and Troy will be getting his associates degree in Mathematics. What an amazing adventure to look forward to.
Bring it on 2011.

So just to catch you all up a little bit, we had an amazing holiday season. In November Troy and I toke our first kid less vacation in 13 yrs and went back to Michigan to see his sister and her family for 5 days. We had so much fun. Girls went shopping and the boys went down to Indiana for the Utah game. The kids and I also went to Idaho for Turkey day to see my Family. It was so much fun to spend time with my parents, aunt and cousins and reminisce about the good old days.

In December we had some ups and downs but nothing that did not make us all appreciate each other and our families even more. We buried Troy's cousin Gary, it was a sad moment but a happy one at the same time. I got to learn so much more about the amazing family that i have been able to be married into. I have so much love and appreciation for all of them. Family is so important and after 2010 has come and gone there is not one inch of me that does not believe how important it is to have a relationship with those who you love and love you !!!

For Christmas we had the blessing of have my mom and dad here to help us celebrate. It was so much fun to have Santa helpers and to see the kids faces and share memories with my mom and dad. My favorite part was to have the smell of coffee bruin and Mannheim Steamroller playing in the back ground. That has got to be one of the best childhood memories I have!!!

In January Troy and I also got to be part of a birthday present and surprise. We celebrated Troy's dad;s birthday! All of the siblings flu to Arizona for a surprise birthday weekend. And you sure can say he was surprised. I will forever remember the look on his face and the embracing arms of love . Again I am so blessed and spoiled to have such an amazing in-law family. They all make me feel like a princes. :)

To start February off, I will be working full time still with the school district but at 2 schools. I am so excited and nervous. I love the school i am at and really don't want to share my time but i will do whatever i have to for my family. We will celebrate Rileah's birthday soon and she will no longer be my baby. She has informed me that she is not my baby she is my 5 yr old daughter. Oh if she only knew what she was getting her self into i think she would stay a baby for as long as she could!!!

Well I hope the end of 2010 was good to you and that 2011 will be even better.
Thank you all for helping me become who i am today. I am truly grateful.
Love you and Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A couple reasons why I Love fall....

Can I just say that I LOVE fall. It is so much fun. Not to hot yet not to cold and you get to have fun celebrating some of the funnest holidays.

Like always Rileah and I went to Gardner Village to see the witches and of course to look at all the fun shops.

Rileah with on of the Witch's

Rileah with her favorite witch.

We also as a family decorated some cute pumpkins. Not sure if the kids enjoyed to as much as I did.

Well as you can see we are staying pretty busy. As the month comes to an end I hope you all have a great fall!!!

Love you all and Happy Fall!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September Fun!!!!

WOW~ I can not believe that September is almost over, Christmas is 99 days away!!! Were has 2010 gone??

Our September has been pretty busy. Jordan got Hunter safety lessons for his birthday and i volunteered to join him. Can you believe they give you homework? It has been fun and something i hope Jordan will never forget. I know i wont forget, i mean how can i ? Siting in rock hard chairs for 3 hrs twice a week! Crazy!!! Our shooting test is this Saturday and we have our written test on the 20th, SO wish us luck.

Troy started back to school full time. He also stopped working. YEAH we get to see him more and have dinner with him. I have missed him so much, just the little things add up so much. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing man in my life and the father of my children. Sorry for all the mushy stuff. I am just so truly thankful!!!

The kids are all doing well in school and seem to enjoy it. Lets just pray that it will last the rest of there school yrs!!! :)

I am on the Utah's Own PRCA Rodeo Committee and love every min of it. SOOOOO Sept. 9-12 our family and some amazing friends got to go to the Rodeo every night and help behind the sense's. It was alot of fun. If you were not able to go this yr mark your calendars and go next Sept. It is well worth your time and money. Ok at least we think it is!

Gettin ready for Barrel Racing
Grand Entry
Announcer Chad Nicholson and I
Words can not express !

I also started a new job as an aide in Kindergarten. (just on my brain level :) ) I love it!!! I work with a little girl who is hearing impaired. She is so cute i could just take her home!!! The Teacher/Teachers that i am working with are amazing and i could not ask for anything better. What a blessing !!! SO you ask what am i doin with Rileah while i am at work. WELL I have the most amazing friends ever. Michelle (we call her crazy Auntie Michelle) has been taking Rileah on the days that Rileah does not have pre-school. I am so grateful to have a place for her that i don't have to even worry about her. I know this is probley bad to say but to be honest i don't even think about Rileah while i am at work.. BAD MOMMY i know but i trust Michelle with my everything and Rileah loves her Auntie. So thank you SOOOOOOO much Michelle you are a blessing and such an angel!!! We love you!!!

Well I better get to my mommy chores, I hope you all are having a great September. Talk/write to you soon. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Look everyone, I am now starting to sale Scentsy. YEAH!!!!!

I told Troy that if I was ever going to sell anything it had to be something that I would use, would sell it self and LOVE!!!! Well guess what I use mine every day and I love it. I am not the type of person to push anything on anyone, SO I hope you don't feel like I am, but Scentsy is to die for !!!!

I am staring off my business by having an open house Saturday September 11, 2010 from 10am ~ 2pm. You all are invited. I hope it turns out good. I am going to be doing a ravel. You can get tickets for the ravel by coming, place and order, bring a friends and by booking a party. At the end of the day I will be drawing out one ticket to see who wins something great. Who knows I might even draw out two!!!

So please if you have a min, please stop by. I would love to see you all!!!!

4924 W Lark Way (4150 So. )

Monday, September 6, 2010


As I sit here, I can not believe that my baby started her second yr of Pre-school today! "WOW" She sure has grown up fast.

Now.....(with her daddy)

First day of Preschool..... (9/7/2010)

My days are going to be so lonely without her around. What am I going to do for 2 1/2 hrs every other day by myself? Now that is the question?

I am sure I can find something to do!!! SO if you are in need of some friend time and it happens to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays Let me know!!! We could have fun getting in trouble together!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Change has always been a given in my life. We are always changing this and that. So one day when I was talking to my mommy in-law I told her about the Dragonfly's that are always flying around me. (I LOVE DRAGONFLY'S)she told me that it means change. So I thought "BRING IT ON"!!!

I went and picked up Jordan today from school when the principal walked up to me and said" I have heard that you are an amazing person and that I need to interview you for a position here at the school" My chin dropped I have worked for the school for 5 yrs but never for this principal and who has been talking about me? Well to end it short i toke the job and i am very excited. SO I believe that the Dragonfly's knew what was going to happen.

Tonight I got on FB and saw a status that a friend of mine had wrote and wanted to share it with those who might fear change, and also because it is just what I needed to hear. SO thank you Spencer you are amazing!!! I hope you like it as much as I did!

*Change is always uncomfortable for those who want you to remain the same!! But remember to stay focused, be honest, and know that God will never leave nor forsake you!! " Never make people a priority in your life when you're an option in theirs" words to live by!! Make it great!!*

I truly believe things happen for a reason so again thank you Spencer, the dragonfly's and all of you who are in my life. I am truly blessed!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ok so I know I have not been up to my end of the deal about blogging more often, SO SORRY!!! Life gets so crazy sometimes. So please forgive me.

I have found that a way to help cope with things is to let it out so if you don't mind i am just going to let it out!!!

Wed. night(yesterday) I got a phone call around 10:30pm, telling me that a friend received a notice saying that my face book status had changed and it did not sound like anything i would say or even put in public view, so doing some research I found out that a certain someone had gotten onto my account and changed my password and status. NOT COOL!!! Well to make a long one short, it then affected everything. NOT COOL EITHER!!! So I know am back up and moving but what a pain it was to have to change everything and prove that I am who I am. SO thank you to this certain person for opening my eyes a little wider to help me relize who i can and can not trust, and for liking myself even more then I did yesturday!!! I hope you feel good !

I just don't get it, why do people feel like they have to mess with others lives ? Don't they understand that karma can be good and bad ? I truly feel that what you do to or say about or to others is a reflection of yourself. So to all you mean people out there i hope you like what you see in the mirror.

On another note.... My family has never been better. We have been on the roller coaster of life the last yr and have learned and grown for each other. I would not change a thing. I know we will continue on this roller coaster and all I can say is "BRING IT ON"!

The kids all seem to enjoy school, so far!!!! V is 19 I can't believe it, she has grown so much. C is 17 and a senior this yr. He is taking college classes this yr and seems to be excited for his future. J is ok will be 12 on Sunday. HOLY COW i am getting old. He is in 6th grade and loving his new teacher. R is 4 and getting ready for her secound yr of Pre-School, if it wasnt for the paper chain i think i would be asked every day all day "do i go to school today mommy" SO thank you to whoever came up with the paper chain we love you!!! over all Ihope the kids feel the same way at the end of the yr. OH my biggest kids Troy started back to school as well. So yes I have found my self a new project so i stay out of trouble. I am going to be working on our house as well as selling Scentsy. I am way excited for this new adventure so wish me luck.

Well thank you so much for letting me ramble. I hope this blog finds you all comfort on your lifes roller coaster. Love ya!!